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HTCSense Service Shows Way Forward

HTC has joined the ranks of Apple and Microsoft by announcing the HTCSense service, one that marks the transition of the Taiwanese handset manufacturer into something capable of rivalling much bigger players.

HTCSense is not as complete as OVI or Mobileme though; users will be able to track their lost phones and remotely erase it, backup existing data, manage contacts, help users share interactive maps and some more tricks.

But it doesn't like Mobileme allows complete synchronisation of email, calendar and contacts the way Apple does nor does it offer something like the iDisk, a cloud-based storage system.

Apple is indeed what HTC aspires to look like and HTCSense may well turn up into something akin to Mobileme with a paid-for option.

But the Taiwanese company is taking baby steps because it cannot take the risk of alienating network operators.

It will be extremely interesting to see how the likes of Vodafone or O2 react to the success (or failure) of the HTCSense.

HTC might have a white labelled version ready, one which can be used to allay the fears of the operators but which would almost certainly rivalled one day by Google.