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iPhone 4 case includes fat battery

Portable power specialist Energizer has launched its AP1201 case for iPhone4 with a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery battery that stores nearly twice as much power as the iPhone's own battery.

The AP1201 can spell iPhone users through a long flight or even an overnight trip away from a charging source.

“The average consumer’s power requirements have been underestimated,” said, the outfit's North America vice president of marketing Jim Olsen. “The AP1201 is a direct response to the power deficit that many experience."

The battery-case incorporates so-called “smart” technology that auto-senses the iPhone's battery power status readout through "hidden" LED’s on the back of the case. Two charging options provide either high-speed, quick charge direct to the iPhone4, or simultaneous pass-through charging of the iPhone and AP1201, which is claimed to be
rechargeable up to 500 timesand comes with a USB charging cable.

The AP1201 is a one-piece case fabricated from form-fitting recycled silicone rubber — a thin and lightweight protective material that is also non-slip and fingerprint resistant. The case features an integrated bumper that eliminates the signal loss and antennae interference issues that has troubled many iPhone 4 users.

The Energizer AP1201 is available now. and sells in the US for a MSRP of $70 .