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iPhone Cases Causing Glass To Crack

Apple has found yet another flaw affecting its iPhone 4, with the glass back of the device reportedly cracking when using a certain case.

According to GDGT's Ryan Block, who has cited numerous sources "both inside and outside of Apple", the consumer electronics giant has recalled a large number of third party iPhone cases from its stores and is investigating the reason behind the incidents.

The lack of third party iPhone cases is because Apple recalled them after it found that slide on cases for the iPhone can scratch the back of the iPhone, causing it to crack.

Block writes: “Although the numbers have never been disclosed, Apple supposedly gets 10-15 per cent off the top of all officially licensed MFI (Made for iPhone) accessories (in recent years this has said to have changed to a flat rate per accessory).”

He says that Apple engineers have been in "something of a quiet panic" to resolve the issue before it becomes too widespread.