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Liverpool Fastest For Broadband In UK

Liverpool has been named as the area with the fastest broadband speed in the UK, with Dumfries, in Scotland, named as the worst place to access the web.

According to a study conducted by Broadband Expert, Liverpool has an average broadband speed of 7.72Mbps,, much higher than the average broadband speed in the UK, 5.74Mbps.

The study was conducted by Broadband Expert during March and August 2010 and involved over 48,408 broadband speed tests.

Dumfries, at the other end of the scale, topped the list of places with the worst broadband speed with an average speed of 2.89Mbps.

As far as the nation's capital is concerned, North London had the fastest speed, while North West London had the worst.

Rob Webber, commercial director of Broadband Expert, said in a statement to Web User: “Our results show that there are vast disparities between broadband speeds across the UK, with towns and cities only 50 miles apart differing by speeds of 3.12Mbps or more - such as Liverpool and Llandudno; and Cleveland and Durham.”