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Microsoft Rumoured To Be In Acquisition Talks With Adobe

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has reportedly discussed the prospects of an acquisition deal with Adobe CEO and president Shantanu Narayan at a meeting.

Citing sources familiar with the meeting, The Financial Times reported that the two CEOs discussed the possibility of an acquisition to facilitate closer cooperation between the two software makers.

According to FT, the acquisition talks were fuelled by the mutual hatred Microsoft and Adobe have against Apple. They were rumoured to be considering steps that would make them work together to take on the iPhone maker.

Apple poses a huge threat a huge threat to the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS with its iPhone device, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs seems to have a personal agenda against everything Adobe.

However, FT sources say that the acquisition was not likely to happen due to the informal nature of the discussion. One source said that no deal was “imminent”.

The meeting, which was first reported by The New York Times, caused Adobe shares to rise by 11 per cent during the final hours of trading, placing the total Adobe stock value at $15 billion.