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Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 Beta For Android And Maemo

Mozilla has released the mobile version of its Firefox 4 for Google’s Android and Nokia’s Maemo operating systems.

The web browser developer, on Thursday, released the beta version of its first browser for mobile phones Firefox 4, codenamed Fennec 2.0, for use on the Android and Maemo operating systems.

The browser is based on the Gecko engine, similar to the desktop version of Firefox 4, tech news site Tech Tree reoprts.

According to the blog post made by Matt Brubeck of Mozilla, the beta version of Firefox 4 Mobile sports a feature called Sync that enables users to synchronise their saved bookmarks, tabs, passwords and other details on desktop with the smartphone version.

Another feature, called Awesome Screen allows users to see the history of the latest web pages accessed by Firefox 4, tabs and feature add ons offered on the desktop.

"Performance is critical in a mobile browser, and our work in this area is starting to pay off. The new beta version is much speedier, and we have plans to make it even faster," Brubeck wrote in the blog post.