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New Legal Ombudsman Receives First Complaint

The new UK legal supervisory body has received its first complaint against a London-based law firm accused of duping people for money.

The Legal Ombudsman, the independent regulatory body to address complaints against lawyers in the country and Wales, has received a complaint against law firm Gallant Macmillan Solicitors for demanding money to settle the case from alleged file sharers, reports ISP Review.

The firm has been accused of sending out letters to alleged file sharers, demanding money to settle copyright infringement cases against brought them.

The company has been sending letters for the Ministry of Sound. The firm has used unreliable methods to zero in on file sharers, and therefore have sent letters to a number of innocent people.

"I have repeatedly asked Simon Gallant of Gallant Macmillan Solicitors for details of the legal basis under which he is carrying out this activity and he has refused to provide the information requested," said Marcus Williamson, an IT consultant with 25 years of industry experience.