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NTT DoCoMo Showcases AR Walker

Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo has showcased an attachable display for glasses that uses Augmented Reality technology to provide navigational services and other location-based information to the wearer.

The AR Walker, which was demoed at the Ceatec tech show in Japan, will come with a gyro sensor capable of detecting the direction in which the user is standing and provides GPS data via software installed in a smartphone.

The device has been developed by DoCoMo and camera maker Olympus.

Takuya Ori, PR manager for NTT DoCoMo, explained: “The AR Walker is based on augmented reality technology and you have a tiny display mounted on your glasses that shows the information regarding your location, and then it guides you.”

The AR Walker demo involved a guided virtual tour of Kyoto, in which a virtual character guides the users around landmarks, temples, shops, hotels and restaurants.The AR Walker also gives a detailed weather forecast when users tilt their heads towards the sky.