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BlackBerry avoids UAE ban

Narrowly sidestepping a potential ban on October 11th, the United Arab Emirates has said that Research in Motion, the company behind BlackBerry, is now complying with the country's telecommunications framework.

No details have been offered regarding exactly what the Canadian company has done in order to placate the regulatory authorities about the secretive nature of RIM's encrypted email and messaging services, but it looks like both sides of the BlackBerry battle have been satisfied.

Emirates news agency WAM is reporting that service provider Etisalat has confirmed that all BlackBerry services will continue to operate as normal following Government approval.

"Since the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority's August 1 announcement regarding the possible suspension of certain Blackberry applications, our focus has always been to ensure continuity of service for our customers", said a statement from Etisalat.

Whether RIM has caved to pressure and allowed Government access to encrypted messages is not clear, but further details of the deal are sure to emerge in the future, and we'll be watching.