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Virgin Media To Open Its Fibre Network Like BT?

Cable provider Virgin Media is unlikely to stay idle as BT announced yesterday that it would be allowing rivals like Talktalk to use its brand new fibre optic network after getting the green light from Ofcom.

The chairman of Talktalk, Charles Dunstone, has already confirmed that the largest consumer ISP in the country would use BT's Fibre Optic network to provide services up to 40Mbps

Back in March 2009, in an interview with the BBC, Virgin Media's chief executive Neil Berkett said that the cable company's FTTC network was able to reach speeds of up to 200Mbps but that upping the current 50Mbps will depend on market conditions.

Back then, Mr Berkett did not rule out the possibility that Virgin Media may compete with BT in the wholesale sector now that Virgin Media has a fibre optic cable network that can rival BT in many regions.

Virgin Media may end up competing with BT on price and added services, a move that will create two broadband wholesalers and bring the kind of competition Ofcom was referring to when it set the conditions for BT to sell its fibre-based services to competitors.

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