Virgin Media Planning To Use BT Fibre Network

Virgin Media Broadband has announced that it will offer super fast broadband service in the United Kingdom through BT’s fibre infrastructure.

The UK’s third largest broadband service provider has revealed its interest in proving next generation Internet connection by running its fibre optic cables across poles erected by telephony and broadband service provider, BT.

According to tech news site Tech Watch, Virgin Media had proposed a similar plan in 2009, but BT refused its rival company any access to its ducts and poles.

The announcement has come after telecom service regulator Ofcom released a proposal, stating that BT should let its rival companies have access to its infrastructure, which will lead to reduced investment in developing the critical infrastructure and on the other hand promote competition among all companies.

“This is an important step that rightly focuses on opening up areas of the country not already served by super-fast broadband, removing one of the hurdles that make such developments near impossible at present,” Virgin Media said in an official statement.