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Study Shows 92 Per Cent US Kids Under 2 Have Online Presence

As the world is waking up to the implications on privacy by sharing information on the web, a new study has found that around 92 per cent of US toddlers have some kind of online presence before they are two years old.

The study, which was conducted by Research Now on behalf of security software vendor AVG, found that one third of US mothers had uploaded the photos of their new born babies on the web, while 34 per cent had posted sonogram photos of their unborn children.

After surveying 2,200 mothers with young children from across the world, the study found that American mothers were most likely to share the photos and information about their babies online than mothers from any other country.

Meanwhile, 73 per cent mothers in Germany, UK, Spain, France and Italy were keen on sharing the photos of their babies online.

J.R Smith, the CEO of AVG, said in a statement to Cnet that “it's completely understandable why proud parents would want to upload and share images of very young children with friends and families.” But tat they must remember that they are creating a digital history "that will follow him or her for the rest of their life."