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Duke Nukem 'Dances The Line Of Decency' Says Gearbox

Gearbox has urged the press and media not to record the Duke Nukem Forever game trailer to reduce the risk of bad press and ratings.

Randy Pitchford, chief of Gearbox, the company behind developing Duke Nukem Forever, has urged members of the press and media to refrain from downloading the first trailer of the game as it may consist of material that could pose issues for the game publisher, the Escapist Magazine reports.

Pitchford, at a recently held event in London, said that the first trailer of the game contains bare breasts, the frequent use of swear words, a vast representation of the word ‘fucking’, Duke punching an alien in his crotch, amongst other scenes that could upset approval organisations such as ESRB and PEGI.

"It (Duke Nukem Forever) dances the line of decency. we don't want our friends at Take-Two to be punished for our creativity," stated Pitchford at the event, taking entire blame on his shoulders.