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Foxconn report to expose culture of bullying

Chinese newspaper The Global Times is carrying a report that claims manufacturing giant Foxconn is likely to come under renewed pressure when details of a survey into its treatment of employees are published

The report says "insiders" have leaked details of "illegal" activities at Foxconn facilities including: "Abuse of interns, overly-strict training and harsh punishments as well as the turning of blind eyes to safety problems in the workplace and unreal salary hikes."

The somewhat confusing English-language report says 14 people have been experiencing ‘life inside Foxconn' for themselves. The implication seems to be that the 14 were working undercover at the firm which has come under intense scrutiny because of the high suicide rate seen at its major facilities in mainland China.

According to the "insiders" familiar with the details of a forthcoming survey of conditions at Foxconn, up to half of the employees at some Foxconn factories are interns, some of whom are forced to work ten-hour shifts, despite being limited in law to eight.

The leaked report finds: "Foxconn's labour system is characterised with highly-intensified workload, low payment, violent training, all at the cost of the workers' dignity," according to the newspaper.

"Although the company has made some managerial adjustments, no improvements have been made for its employees."

The report says the 30 to 70 per cent raises for employees announced by company boss, Terry Gou, translated into a rise "no higher than 9.1 per cent" for workers. Many are deprived of welfare terms like subsidies, bonuses and so on, the report alleges.

According to the report, 38.1 per cent of all workers at Foxconn have had their privacy invaded by management and 16.4 per cent "have been subject to some kind of corporal violence by the same."

The company's strict monitoring makes it resemble a prison, the report said.