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Reddit gaming hack exposed

Online tinkerer Esrun has posted a handy guide for those hard up for hits who might like to make more of online machine-aggregating site Reddit.

The black hatted SEO whizz demonstrates how it's quite simple to write a few scripts to register multiple Reddit accounts. You can then use these to vote up your favourite stories based on your political affiliations or personal propagandistic bent.

Esrun explains:

"The objective of these tests was to find out just how much traffic can be generated by submitting stories to Reddit and giving them a head start with shill votes. Since Reddit users are notorious for not clicking adverts, I focused more on product placement than ad clicks."

He says he kicked off with "around 100 accounts, each account on a unique IP address. The accounts were created semi-automatically – I just had to complete the captcha. For the short time it takes to type out 100 captchas, it’s not even worth trying to code in OCR."

There's a nice little Youtube video to help you along with the process. If you fancy having a bash, you might like to use a THINQ story or two :)