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Apple Forces Meizu To Freeze M8 sales

Meizu is being forced to stop selling its M8 iPhone look-alike, by Apple and China’s Intellectual Property Office.

Apple has been working with the Intellectual Property Office to restrain Meizu from selling smartphones that look like clones of Apple's iPhone device.

Meizu decided to stop making the M8 after China’s Intellectual Property Office threatened to shut down its production facilities.

According to Meizu Me, Meizu has agreed to stop the production and is now being forced by Apple to even stop stop all display ads and sales of the remaining stock of Meizu M8 phones.

Meizu CEO Jack Wong claims that Apple changed its stance after the two parties reached an agreement and is now demanding to stop the sales of existing M8 devices. He claims that existing Meizu franchise store will be badly hit by this decision.

However, Wong will have to comply to Apple's demands as the Chinese Intellectual Property Office as the power to shut down factories without a court order. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.