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Apple forces iPhone cloner to quit

Hot on the heels of the iPhone 4's first thrust into the Chinese app phone market, Apple has forced cheeky imitator Meizu to stop making and selling its M8 handset.

The identikit phone - which THINQ hack Paul Taylor described as "so atrocioulsy slow and useless it ended up in the recycling bin after a week" when he got his hands on one earlier this year - has now been axed after the Chinese Intellectual Property Office bowed to demands from the Cupertino company.

The Chinese outfit's outspoken CEO, Jack Wong, who once threatened to counter-sue Apple's legal eagles suggesting that the iPhone maker had stolen his ideas, is still defying the authorities saying that, although he will stop production of the wannabe gadget, he'll continue to sell existing inventory.

When asked by The Edible Apple vie e-mail why he was suddenly going after just one of the dozens of manufacturers who had apparently come up with the idea of a touch-screen handset with lots of applications built in, Apple supremo Steve Jobs answered with his usual lack of verbosity, simply saying: "Because they stole our ideas and intellectual property."

Meizu has another app phone in development, the M9, which will probably look as much like the iPhone 4 as the M8 looks like the 3G version, but we'll have to wait and see.