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Apple Pulls Third Party 'Glassgate' Cases From Store

Apple has launched an investigation into third party iPhone cases that cause the rear glass pane of the smartphone to crack.

Tech blog GDGT reported that Apple had pulled the third party Apple cases from its store after complaints of iPhone cases cracking the iPhone started coming in.

The cases are still available through other online outlets, however.

The new 'glassgate' scandal follows iPhone 4's infamous antennagate issue, which resulted in dropped calls whenever users gripped the phone in a particular way.

“Internally, I've heard the iPhone team has grown to be very concerned by this issue with slide-on cases, and has created a lab and large new test program specifically to investigate this further,” read the GDGT report.

Several users have complained on the GDGT post since the story was first reported, describing how their phone was cracked, while others dismissed the story, stating that it was not a big deal.

Apple has not yet issued an official statement addressing the problem.