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Cherie Blair And Hillary Clinton Launch Mobiles For Women Initiative

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair, the wife of former PM Tony Blair, have launched a new global initiative aimed at reducing the technology gap between men and women in developing nations.

The mWomen initiative will work towards empowering millions of women in developing nations with mobile phones. According to recent statistics, 300 million more men own mobile phones than women in developing nations.

The initiative will be aimed that providing mobile phones to 150 million women in developing nations.

Clinton believes that reducing the technology gap between men and women is the first step towards ensuring that men and women have equal rights and opportunities the world over.

“With a mobile phone, expectant mothers who live nowhere near a clinic can get health advice,” she said.

Cherie Blair is also supporting the initiative. She said: “Mobile phones have led a remarkable communications revolution, extending and improving the way people connect with each other.”

Nine out of 10 women said in a survey that they felt safer with a mobile phone, while 85 per cent said that they felt more independent.

The mWomen initiative is backed by the GSM Association. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.