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Energizer Releases Rechargeable iPhone 4 Case

Energizer has released a silicon case for Apple's iPhone 4 that will not only protect it, but will also double-up as a power source.

Even though the case is a bit bulky, the AP 1201 it is designed to provide high-speed battery charge directly to the iPhone, or a pass-through charge using a USB cable.

The one-piece iPhone 4 cover, made out of recycled rubber, is designed to be slip resistant and ward off unwanted finger print marks and will come with an integrated bumper which relieves the users from the troublesome iPhone 4 death-grip issue.

Good for a total of 500 charges, the iPhone 4 add-on comes with smart LED monitors capable of detecting the battery status of the iPhone 4 and charge automatically. The cover will also be able to keep a check on voltage, temperature and current.

Jim Olsen, Vice President of Marketing for Energizer North America, said in a press release: “The AP1201 is a direct response to the power deficit that many experience, and is just one of a full line of Energizer Energi To Go solutions that is bringing convenient power to consumers, and that is making mobility easier for them.”