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Geohot Releases Limera1n Jailbreak For iOS 4.1

Geohot has released its own jailbreak tool for the newest version of Apple's iOS 4.1, ahead of the iPhone Dev Team.

The jailbreak tool, called the limera1n, uses a security hole that was missed by the Dev Team when it reported security flaws on Apple devices running the latest operating system. The tool, as of now, is only available for Windows, with a Mac version on its way.

The Dev Team on the other hand, as delayed the release of its own iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool, Green Pois0n, as it wants to include the exploit used by limera1n in its own jailbreak tool in order to make it difficult for Apple to patch the security holes in one go.

The Chronic Dev Team, which worked on the jailbreak tool along with the Dev Team, said in a statement: “Thanks to the irresponsible antics of geohot, we will have to delay the release of greenpois0n (new ETA = as soon as possible), so that we have time to clean up his little mess and integrate the exploit he uses in limera1n into greenpois0n”