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Hitachi unveils fastest-ever enterprise drives

Hitachi is shipping a new batch of drives designed for enterprise servers which, it says, are the fastest and most power-frugal ever.

The Japanese electronics giant says its Ultrastar C10K600 family of spinning platters drives is the fastest ever with 10,000 RPM spin speeds and six gigabits per second data transfer speeds using a SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) interface.

Coming in 300GB, 450GB and 600GB flavours, the drives are aimed firmly at the business server market. The 2.5-inch drives have a power specification at least 22 per cent lower than most other drives in the class and Hitachi quotes read write consumption of 5.6 watts which drops to 3.1 watts when idle. That's also as much as 65 per cent lower than 3.5-inch drives of the same capacity.

The faster spin speed also allows the drives to offer better read/write times with sequential performance up by 18 per cent and random read/write up by 15 per cent on comparable products from the competition.

There's no word on pricing but with the word 'enterprise' being bandied about, we'd be willing to bet you won't be installing one in your cheap and cheerful notebook any time soon.