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iPhone 4 limera1n jailbreak launched

Inveterate Apple hacker Geohot has released the first working jailbreak for iOS 4.1-based devices, including the iPhone 4 - and makes the claim that his hack is 'unpatchable'.

The release of "limera1n" comes just prior to the planned launch of the Greenpois0n jailbreak tool based around the SHAtter exploit - but its early launch means that Greenpois0n will now not be released, in order that the exploit code can remain secret from Apple until it's needed.

Instead, the team behind Greenpois0n are working on a new release that will use the same exploit as Geohot's limera1n, offering those who want to jailbreak their device two options - but Apple engineers only a single flaw to block in the next release.

The limera1n release, which is currently still in beta, is only available as a Windows download - meaning Apple fans who have no Microsoft-based kit at their disposal will have to either borrow some time on a Windows box or wait until the Mac version is released. All iOS 4.0 and 4.1 devices are supported, including Apple TV.

Better yet, Geohot claims that once jailbroken with limera1n, devices should remain susceptible to the exploit even following the release of iOS 4.2.

While the beta release of limera1n has a few "rough edges," as Geohot describes them, it's available for download now from the official site for those who can't wait for a more stable release to get their jailbreak on.