Microsoft And AT&T Readying Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

Microsoft is all set to launch the first devices based on its new Windows Phone 7 platform along with wireless carrier AT&T at an event in New York today.

The Windows Phone 7 mobile phone OS is being touted as Microsoft's last attempt to take on Apple and Google in the burgeoning smartphone market, as it previous Windows Mobile platform failed to turn heads.

The first Windows Phone 7 smartphones have been developed by Samsung, LG and HTC and will be launched on AT&T.

Some believe that Microsoft should have made the smartphones available on other US mobile services provider to approach a broader market.

The software giant is giving it all it has to carve a niche in the lucrative smartphone market, which is expected to grow yet further throughout next year.

This year alone, research firm Gartner predicts that 270 million smartphones will be sold, a 56 per cent increase from last year.

Microsoft has had poor luck when it comes to smartphones. First, its Windows Mobile platform started to deteriorate at a fast rate, then the company was forced to kill off the Kin range of social networking smartphones only weeks after they were launched.