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Microsoft Founder Gates Pledges $20 Million To Boost Education Tech

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a $20 million grant to fund technological services and online educational courses.

The foundation, run by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife, will fund projects that are set to boost the level of education and provide students with easier methods of educating themselves.

The new educational initiative will be instrumental in funding partnerships between edu-tech firms and emergence of new idea that might revolutionise online education.

Gates said in a statement: “What's surprising is given how the Internet has changed how we buy airline tickets and books and how we look up things, is that formal education hasn't changed hardly at all.”

The Microsoft founder wants people to focus more on online education and courses, as he believes that the web has a great influence on everyone and is the most effective way of educating more people at the same time. Online videos and lessons were a focus of Gates' attention.