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Microsoft Unveils First Windows Phone 7 Mobiles

Microsoft will be taking on Apple and Google in the smartphone market with the launch of the first Windows Phone 7-based smartphones at events in New York and London today.

Analysts have criticised Microsoft for its late entry into the market, allowing its market share to fall into insignificance as those of its rivals grew around it.

However, the company has shown no sign of being disheartened and has been actively promoting the OS for some time now. The company has already pledged $400 million for marketing costs.

The Windows Phone 7, is, according to some, Microsoft's last attempt to leave a mark on the smartphone market.

The OS itself looks quite promising. It comes with 6 Hubs shaped in the form of tiles. The hubs will allow users to access social networking features, media features, the Windows Phone 7 marketplace and Office features.

Microsoft's hardware partners include LG, Asus, Samsung and HTC.

Earlier today, LG accidentally leaked the info on its first Windows Phone 7 smartphone, the Optimus 7, and further compatible smartphones have been revealed by Microsoft, including five made by HTC.