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Nintendo Launches Mario 25th Anniversary Wii And DS Consoles

Japanese video gaming giant Nintendo has announced that the 25th anniversary Mario themed Wii and DS consoles will launched in the UK this month.

The consoles, marking the 25th anniversary of the popular Mario video game franchise, will be coloured in red.

According to gaming news site Computer and Video Games, the Nintendo DSi XL hand-held console will launch on 22 October in the UK, with a Japanese launch slated for 26 October.

The hand-held device is bright red in colour and will feature familiar symbols from the games - a mushroom, a flower and a star next to the in-built camera - and will ship with a Mario game as well.

The Mario themed Wii will be launched in the UK on 26 October, ahead of the 11 November launch in Japan, which will be shipped with a special version of Super Mario Bros.

The UK version, on the other hand, will ship with the new Super Mario Bros, the original Donkey Kong game and a red Wii Remote Plus.