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Trademark troll gets kicked over the edge

Legal ownership of the word Edge has been wrested out of the clutching hands of serial litigator Tim Langdell.

The former gaming outfit boss, who decided at some point in the past that vigorously contending the use of the word "Edge" in everything from iPhone games to tech magazines was a much easier way of turning a buck than actually creating anything of worth, has been told by a High Court judge to stop his nonsense, in no uncertain terms.

The shamed boss of Edge Games, who was accused by his final legal opponent - games behemoth Electronic Arts - of falsifying documents lodged at the US Patent and Trademark Office, was stripped of all of his trademarks and ordered to tell everyone he had ever threatened with legal action that he no longer owned them.

Rubbing salt in the wound, the judge called Langdell a trademark troll and said that he would probably face further legal action after he was accused of doctoring evidence used in the case.

Langdell had raised his sights in the direction of EA when the company released the free-running first-person action game Mirror's Edge. He should have stuck to bullying smaller outfits like iPhone App developer Mobigames which was forced to change the name of its app called... go on have a guess. Edge.