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Media beamer PogoPlug goes Pro

Keen on sharing that movie content wirelessly on your home network or across the Internet? PogoPlug now has a Pro version that will allow you to do this.

Cloud Enterprises, the company behind the very petite and useful PogoPlug has added a Pro version to its line-up. The Pro version brings along 802.11n Wi-Fi - the standard version had no Wi-Fi and required a USB dongle to operate wirelessly , It also now comes in a black-and-white suit look that is a welcome change from the pink horror that manly geeks constantly tried to hide from house guests.

The new device will add wireless operation to the USB-hosting and file-sharing capabilities the device already had. You can also connect a number of Epson and HP printers to the four available (powered) USB ports to remote print to the device, even from your handheld device.

Pogoplug has file-sharing software specifically for OS X, Windows and Linux. Add to this the iOS and Android client apps that are available through the respective stores and you get unlimited storage on your handheld, so long as you can hook up to a Wi-Fi connection nearby (because 99% still have data plans with serious caps on them), or use the gigabit ethernet. It will also stream stuff to your Xbox 360 and PS3.

It's storage on tap and we geeks love our storage.