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Student Found FBI Tracking Device On Car

A GPS tracking device belonging to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) was discovered on a car belonging to an American Muslim student, who was being tracked by the government for unspecified reasons.

Yasir Afifi had taken his car for a regular oil change when he discovered a wire hanging out from the right rear wheel. Intrigued, Afifi poked around only to discover a GPS tracking device along with a battery pack had been installed in the car.

Afifi showed the device to his friend who posted the photo of the device on Reddit.

Two days later Afifi was visited by FBI agents and police officials, asking him questions about some training and demanded the return of the device he found on his car. They confirmed that the device belonged to the FBI.

“We’re here to recover the device you found on your vehicle. It’s federal property. It’s an expensive piece, and we need it right now,” an agent said.

Afifi is a sales executive and a student in California. His father was a Muslim religious figure and he has family living in Egypt.