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Three offers BlackBerry on prepay

Renowned 3G mobile phone network Three has unveiled the RIM Curve 9300, on a new pay as you go offering from the company.

The Curve 3G will be the first BlackBerry of many to arrive on the network, where the new prepay tariff starts at £10 a month, which is accompanied by 100 minutes, 3,000 text messages and a 500MB data allowance with a £219.99 cost attached to the handset.

Three also offers for £5 a month access to BlackBerry services, such as email and the secure BlackBerry Messenger along with use of App World.

Research In Motion’s Curve 3G 9300 is their Qwerty keyboard based device that’s reminiscent of the older BlackBerry handsets, with a very traditional BB look and feel. The phone ships with the BlackBerry 5 OS, but will be upgradeable to version 6 in due course.

The 9300 effectively replaces the Curve 8520 that didn’t have 3G access, where this model now carries the same ‘3G’ moniker in much the same way as the candy bar Pearl 3G did - for that very same reason.

The £219.99 cost for the BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G is in stores only, with £20 credit bundled in where the on-line cost is just £209.00, with an inclusive £10 top-up. Three has confirmed other BlackBerry handsets will be arriving on the All in One prepay tariff during Q4 of this year, although none have been announced as yet.

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