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Britain has an unholy gadget addiction

Gadget insurance e-broker has published the results of an enquiry it had commissioned showing just how far off the deep technology end we Britons are.

According to the study, which involved 3,000 men and women, technology and gadgets are taking over our day-to-day life. And what's more... we want it to because, apparently, we have a good sense of what makes our life easier, and what doesn't.

On average, Britons will spend over nine hours a day hanging about hardware, a little over four hours on a PC and an hour-and-a-half with their laptops, on top of that. Adding bit more gadget-rage to our daily routine, we'll also spend almost an hour a day texting, emailing and surfing the web from a smartphone. This does not include the 38 minutes we spend yapping away on the phone. Serious to a fault, we only bother to spend an average 38 minutes a day playing games.

Protectyourbubble laid it out quite simply "The fact is that many of the electrical appliances used regularly - such as the computer, washing machine and microwave - are both necessary and time-saving. So we might spend a few minutes fiddling with them, but they continue to work and carry out tasks for us even when we're busy doing something else."

When it comes to white goods, we spend 10 minutes per day pressing buttons on our microwave ovens and watching it go round and round and round. Eight minutes trying to get the damn washing machine on the right programme (actually most people wash their clothes always with the same programme, but that's just us making up 100 per cent of the statistics).

Just so we can estrange ourselves from the surrounding world, we'll also spend 38 minutes per day loading up songs and organising playlists on our iPods.

Statistics can also be quite deceiving, unfortunately, as we're spending just 16 minutes per day on Television and 10 minutes a day on our set-top boxes. The deceptive part of the poll is the fact that these numbers reflect actual interaction with the device, ie: programming the box or zapping channels... not the part where we stare blankly at our flat screen TVs.

The numbers break down as follows:

  • Microwave - 10 minutes
  • Computer - 4 hours 5 minutes
  • Laptop - 1 hour 34 minutes
  • Smart phone - 56 minutes
  • Mobile phone - 38 minutes
  • MP3 player - 38 minutes
  • Sat Nav - 5 minutes
  • Television - 16 minutes
  • Sky Plus - 10 minutes
  • Computer games - 38 minutes
  • Clock radio - 1 minute
  • Washing machine - 8 minutes

Interestingly enough for the tablet PC vendors, 70 per cent of those polled say that while they are chilling out watching the 'tube, they are also on their laptop or smartphone doing something else (what we at Thinq consider to be the iPad's amazing "Couch Potato Appeal"). added it all up and got to an unnerving and life-sucking nine hours and 19 minutes worth of our daily life spent in the company of gadgets. There's even an odd lot (12 per cent) who like their gadgets so much that at some of them will even dream about them. Considering most people don't usually get their recommended eight hours a night of sleep, that's quite a slice of your life.

Unfortunately the research provided does not break down the stats by age group, as we're sure it would provide a clearer picture of reality. Our younger generation is sure to be far more tech-enabled than your typical pensioner who is still struggling with programming the clock radio. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.