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HP Chairman Claims Former CEO Hurd 'Lied' To Board

HP's soon-to-be non-executive chairman Roy Lane has accused former CEO Mark Hurd of repeatedly lying to the members of the board.

In a letter sent to the New York Times, Lane explains why Hurd was outed from his position at HP and justified the appointment of former SAP CEO Leo Apotheker.

“No Board can retain a CEO who violates the trust and integrity needed to lead a public company. Even Mr. Hurd publicly acknowledged that he failed to uphold those necessary standards,” he wrote.

The letter was sent as a response to an NY Times article written after the appointment of Apotheker as a replacement for Hurd.

The author of the article implied that HP only Apotheker because of the ongoing lawsuit between SAP and rival Oracle.

SAP-run TomorrowNow has been accused by Oracle of stealing its intellectual property and SAP executives have admitted to the charges.

The question is why did HP hire Apotheker, who was the head of sales and marketing at SAP when all of this happened, as he was well aware of the IP theft?

To this, Lane said: “TomorrowNow was never under Mr. Apotheker’s supervision. The conduct in question at TomorrowNow occurred before Mr. Apotheker became CEO of SAP. And, it was Mr. Apotheker who, as CEO of SAP, shut down TomorrowNow.”