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HTC HD7 exclusively to arrive on O2

Mobile phone network O2 has announced it will solely carry the large screen HTC Windows Phone 7 OS ‘HTC7' handset, from October 21st onwards.

The HD7 arrives only on O2, with a 4.3-inch multi-touch screen and running the recently announced Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system. It has the largest display of any of the new WP7 handsets, along with the biggest internal storage capacity of 16GB and a 5 megapixel camera.

The greater storage on the phone makes up for the loss of a microSD card, where the Zune music and video aspects to WP7 can be fully utilised to store large amounts of media on the built-in memory.

On-board is everything that Windows Phone 7 brings to the mobile, from the basis of the new OS to the Xbox live connectivity, down to the Windows Live integration.

The 6 hubs, or the main aspects of the OS are present, from the Office Hub, to the People hub - which brings in social networking feeds, that can be responded to without having to leave that person's page in the address book.

O2 will be carrying the new High Tech Computer Corporation HD7 mobile, running the new Windows Phone 7 platform and free on a £40 24-month contract that comes with 900 minutes, unlimited texts and a 750MB data allowance or for £379 on pay as you go deals.

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