iOS Usage Rises At TV Viewing Figures' Expense

A study conducted by a research firm has suggested that Apple products are eating into the viewer-ship of popular American TV channels.

According to a survey conducted by app analytics company Flurry, around 19 million Apple's iOS based device users spend 22 minutes every day on gaming and social networking apps.

Combined, the number of people using apps on iOS devices is more than those who spent their time watching Sunday Night football games and other popular US TV programs. The number of people using apps in iOS devices is only 4 million, however, less than those who watch American Idol.

“While the industry has adapted its programming with a glut of cheaper, but profitable competition reality shows and edgier dramas to reclaim a loyal audience, a new entertainment force is once again driving disruption: the iPhone,” wrote Peter Farago, the head of marketing at Flurry.

The numbers projected by Flurry comprise of data collected by merely 20 per cent of the 250,000 apps on Apple's iTunes App Store.

"Additionally, since this analysis focuses on only two categories of applications, social games and social networking apps, it's clear that iOS devices are already ahead of prime time television's hottest shows," Farago said.