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Light Blue Optics Tests Revolutionary Touch Display At KFC

Technology start-up Light Blue Optics is testing its miniature projection system at KFC restaurants located in Nuneaton and Cannock.

The systems being tested at the KFC outlets are capable of turning the tables into interactive touch screens that allow patrons to play games developed by Light Blue Optics, which is also planning to introduce an ordering system at a later stage.

The company was started six years ago by four Cambridge University students. Light Blue Optics has so far received $52 million in funding, including the latest round of funding, which raised $13 million.

Light Blue Optics, which received rave reviews during the Consumer Electronic Show this year, is planning to developed projection systems integrated with homes, vehicles and personal devices.

The company is also developing an embedded product which will be used in the sat nav system for the new BMW Mini.

The projection systems being tested at KFC are first generation products capable of turning the any flat surface, like a table, into an interactive 10 inch touch screen and incorporated with multimedia applications.