Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone 7 Plans

Microsoft has unleashed its first line-up of smartphones running on Windows Phone 7 mobile phone OS, aiming to syphon market share from Apple and Google.

Considered to be the last attempt from Microsoft in the smartphone division, the company is touting the new Windows Phone 7 devices as "a different kind of phone" that offer a "glance and go" experience.

Windows Phone 7 OS comes with interactive Live Tiles on the start page, that offer social, e-mail and other information right on the home screen, taken from the web in real-time. Microsoft has also incorporated Zune music player functionality on the smartphone along with support for Xbox Live for social gaming.

All in all, the company has unveiled nine Windows Phone 7 smartphones made by LG, Samsung, Dell and HTC, to be launched first in the US by AT&T and T-Mobile.

The company is looking to create a much larger market for Windows Phone 7 than Apple's iPhone by launching the smartphones in 30 countries when launched in Europe and Asia later and has roped in around 60 mobile phone operators to offer the phones.