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Mobile Operators To Offer Customised Content On Windows Phone 7

Microsoft's newly launched Windows Phone 7 platform has been billed as something network carriers can add value to by pre-installing tiles and additional apps on the devices.

The software giant is highlighting how mobile operators can contribute to its newly launched Windows Phone 7 by including there own applications and Live Tiles, but with all the restrictions imposed on its platform, some suggest that it will be difficult for service providers to generate additional revenue from selling Windows Phone 7-based devices, tech news site The Register reports.

Other operating systems allow the service providers to brand the smartphones with their own revenue generating apps such as ringtones, wallpapers and music. But what Microsoft has done won't allow them to fit out the smartphones with their own special apps, unless they comply with Microsoft regulations.

The company has banned the operators from making changes to the home screen and from using their own cloud-based services for offering additional content, but will provide them with the opportunity to create an additional hub in which to store its features.