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Modu unveils world's lightest smartphone

Smartphone specialist Modu has announced the Modu T, officially the world's lightest touch-screen smartphone, and it brings some impressive features with its tiny form-factor.

Designed to offer a full 3.5G smartphone device in the smallest package possible - so small, in fact, that Guinness has officially given it the world record for the lightest touch-screen smartphone in the world - the 2.2-inch gadget is certainly a world away from the increasingly sizable devices from Apple, RIM, and the various Android shippers.

Based around the Qualcomm's BrewOS, the Modu T operating system includes in-built applications for access to Google Search, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, TuneWiki, eBuddy, Snaptu, and even YouTube, and a multi-protocol instant messaging client also features.

Impressively, the ultra-light body even includes an in-built GPS receiver and FM radio, while the included 2GB microSD memory card can be upgraded to 32GB if you feel the need for a Tardis-esque amount of storage space in your micro-phone.

The main selling point of the Modu T, however, is its modular nature. By adding 'jackets' to the device, you can add hardware and increase its capabilities - much like Compaq tried many years ago with its iPaqs. Examples of Modu jackets for the T smartphone include a five-megapixel camera, an exercise companion, and a full QWERTY keyboard.

If you're cynically suggesting that these are examples of hardware deliberately removed from the Modu T in order to get that all-important Guinness World Record for lightest touch-screen smartphone, then you're probably right - but it does offer an interesting angle on customisation for those who like to have something a little unique.

The Modu T will be available in the next few weeks, although UK pricing has yet to be announced, and is to be joined by the Modu W Android-based smartphone in the near future.