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Oracle Chooses IBM To Support OpenJDK

IBM has decided to shift from the Java-based Apache Harmony platform to Oracle's OpenJDK, bringing financial backing and software development expertise to the platform.

The move comes after Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google's Android OS for using Java elements on the platform. Oracle had inherited the controlling rights to Java when it acquired Sun Microsystems.

Interestingly, IBM's decision will directly affect the development of Apache Harmony, the language used in Google's Android. Google has not responded to the news at time of publishing.

IBM's vice president of open systems and Linux Bob Suto, wrote on his blog: “IBM will work with Oracle and the Java community to make OpenJDK the primary high performance open source runtime for Java.”

IBM will not only fuel the development of OpenJDK, but will also follow the OpenJDK roadmap outlined by Oracle.

It remains to be seen how Google will react to Oracle poaching the biggest beneficiary to Apache Harmony. According to one expert, Google has more engineers working on OpenJDK than Oracle it self.