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Palm Pre 2 Details Leaked

Details of the upcoming Palm Pre 2 smartphone have been leaked by French wireless carrier SFR on its website.

The leaked specs were later removed from the website, but PreCentral managed to get a screenshot before they were pulled.

According to the leaked details, the new Palm Pre 2 will feature webOS 2.0 and a 1 GHz processor along with 512MB RAM. The phone's design looks refreshed and the screen also seems flatter than those on previous models.

When launched, it would be the first smartphone to be released since Plam's acquisition by Hewlett-Packard a few months ago.

Palm CEO Jon Rubenstien had earlier promised that webOS 2.0 will be released by end of this year. The leak suggests that the company will launch the new OS coupled with a new smartphone.

SFR claims that the smartphone will come with a new webOS 2.0 feature called Push, which will allow users to easily access Facebook messages, events, wall postings, and chat.