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Windows Phone 7 launches

Seattle based software developer Microsoft has officially launched their latest mobile phone operating system, Windows Phone 7 – which will arrive on handsets from October 21st in the UK.

Windows Phone 7 will ship on mobiles all around the globe by Christmas time, with more than 60 mobile phone networks carrying devices running the OS on 9 different handsets. These currently are mobile phones from HTC, LG, Dell and Samsung – globally.

Windows Phone 7 has been designed to deliver a mobile experience that has the phone working better for people, whilst bringing together the things they care about most and helping them to get things done faster – according to Microsoft.

The Windows Phone 7 layout has been put together in a way that the most commonly accessed screens are never a few clicks away, no matter where you are on the handset. There are 6 main screens, or as Microsoft calls them, ‘hubs’. These are all in categories such as Office, Games, Photos, Music and Video, along with People.

The People Hub pulls in content such as Facebook status updates, as well as the usually found information of phone numbers and email addresses. WP7 phone users can respond to Facebook updates, or send a text message straight from a person’s contact page in the address book instead of launching another application.

MS has also made Windows Phone 7 easier to find information, with access to Bing functionality in the form of a dedicated search button. This is all in addition to bringing in Xbox live, Microsoft Office Mobile, Windows Live and Zune abilities – with the latter being able to sync music collections wirelessly, from the PC to the mobile phone.

The main home screen can be fully customisable with content, in what the Redmond outfit are calling Live Titles – that will all have real-time updates from the Internet, such as social networking updates, calendar info and news.

Access to Xbox live gaming is a big part of the new OS, where Xbox profiles and avatars can be used on the phone with points and achievements being earned as well. Electronic Arts will also be producing games for Windows Phone 7 this year. These are titles such as Need for Speed, Tetris and also The Sims 3, with more on the way.

O2 will be carrying the Windows Phone 7 based HTC HD7, where Orange will be selling the HTC 7 Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7, T-Mobile UK will also carry that very same handset, as will Three. Vodafone will be selling another HTC mobile phone, the HTC 7 Trophy and also the LG Optimus 7.

Windows Phone 7 will be arriving on handsets in the UK from October 21st, where America will have to wait until November 8th before they see WP7 mobile phones. Microsoft has stated they will be updating the platform in due course, where they have already announced Cut and Past functionality will come to the OS early 2011.

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