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£299 Sandstrom S32LDIB10 32" Full HD LED Backlit TV

The Sandstrom S32LDIB10 32" Full HD LED TV has everything you may need to make your switch-over to HD properly and enjoy high-resolution images in the comfort of your home.

Featuring Sandstrom Motion Adaptive picture engine technology which enhances and optimises your viewing experience and built-in acoustically enhanced speakers this HDTV will impressive you with its picture and sound quality! It also boasts 50Hz technology for brilliant motion clarity.

The S32LDIB10's 32" screen makes it ideal for a bedroom, or a small living room, and thanks to the LED backlighting, the image you'll get will be brighter and more beautiful than you would from a standard LCD TV.

The Sandstrom S32LDIB10 supports 1080p, the best quality HD-ready image available. With three HDMI connections, the S32LDIB10 will give you ample room to plug in all your HD devices at the same time.

And there's an array of other connectors: SCART, component or composite for example, to hook up the any non-HD equipment too. For an affordable Full HD LED TV that has what it takes, think Sandstrom S32LDIB10 32" Full HD LED TV.

You can get the Sandstrom S32LDIB10 32" Full HD LED Backlit TV for £299 at Dixons including delivery.