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Apple OSX 10.7 Lion on the cards

Apple is sending out invites to a media event on October 20th which will, if we are reading the right runes, announce a new version of the outfit's grown-up operating system.

OSX (pronounced 'oh ess ten' for the uninitiated) has taken a back seat for some time now since the release of 10.6 Snow Leopard in August 2009. Even then, the upgrade was seen as something of a minor bump, as none of the Cupertino company's usual new bells and whistles were in evidence with the addition of some Snow to the previous Leopard incarnation.

Apple seems to have conceded that the Mac operating system has been somewhat neglected of late with all of its efforts focussed on iOS4 and its shiny new devices, labeling the invite with an utterly un-enigmatic 'Back to the Mac' tag line.

As usual with everything Apple, the event is shrouded in secrecy, but that won't stop every tin-pot tech blog from here to Timbuktu having a stab at what it might contain.

For now, we'll assume that it will be called OSX Lion judging from the big cat peeking out from behind the Apple logo, and sit back and wait for the man in the black turtleneck to show us what lies in store for the Mac (and Windows once Microsoft has had a few months to copy all the good bits).

We'll be running a live blog as usual so make sure you join us for the event.

In the meantime, feel free to polish up your crystal ball and predict what you think might be in the upgrade in the comments below. Or add a wish list.