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BT Ordered To Lower Access Fees Charged To Competitors

BT has been ordered by the Competition Appeal Tribunal to lower the amount of money its charges rivals to make use of its phone and broadband lines.

According to the tribunal, owing to a calculation error on part of telecom regulator Ofcom, the company must lower the charges that its rivals have to pay for sharing its network.

The court found that the price caps decided by Ofcom in a May 2009 were too high and a new set of price caps should be imposed as soon as possible. It also urged Ofcom to revise the methods used to determine the price caps.

According to Bloomberg, the court ruling comes after the UK's anti-trust regulator Competition Commission conducted a thorough enquiry into the charges imposed by BT, after receiving complaints from TalkTalk and BSkyB.

A spokesperson for BT told Bloomberg that the price caps decided by Ofcom were already too low and the company hoped that only minor changes will be made this time.