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Facebook Introduces One-time Passwords

Facebook has introduced a new security feature for its platform, designed to allow users to access their accounts using a one-time password.

According to Facebook, the new security feature has been designed for those who access their social networking accounts from public computers in hotels, airports and cafés, so that they avoid using their real passwords.

The company explained that users can receive a one-time password by sending 'otp' as a text message to a designated number and they will receive a one-time password within seconds. The password remains valid for 20 minutes only.

Users also need to configure their account settings to add the mobile number they want password sent to.

Facebook's Jake Brill, wrote on a blog post: “If you have any concerns about security of the computer you're using while accessing Facebook, we can text you a one-time password to use instead of your regular password.”

The feature is currently available to a few users, and will be rolled out across the platform in the coming weeks.