Facebook Killing Privacy For Profits

Security expert Bruce Schneier has claimed that social networks are killing off user privacy in order to make profits, with the worst offender being Facebook.

Speaking during the RSA Security Europe Conference in London, Schneier, who is the chief technology officer at BT, said that social networking sold user data to third parties in order to make profits.

He said that the death of user privacy had been predicted a long time ago and that development of technology has hasted the process.

Schneier said that owing to cheap storage and data analysis technology, social networking platforms chose to store the user data instead of wasting time and money in managing and deleting them.

“Less privacy makes a better market for social networks. Facebook is the worst offender - not because it's evil but because its market is selling user data to its commercial partners,” he said.

The data security expert expressed the need of laws and technological measures that would allow the people to manage their privacy and share only what they want to share.