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Facebook launches one time passwords

Forgetful Facebookers will soon be able to sign on to their social notworking accounts when they're out and about even if they have forgotten their passwords.

A new 'one time password' will allow users to stay in touch with all of their fake friends by simply texting 'otp' to 32665. The service will 'immediately' text back a one-shot password which will expire in 20 minutes.

Users will have to register a mobile number with their Facebook account and the service is being rolled out "in the coming weeks."

Facebook recently unveiled the ability to sign out of a Facebook account from a remote computer, no doubt inspired by the phenomenon of so-called 'Facebook rape', where scallywags (more often than not friends and family members) post false information on an account which has accidentally been left open.

We're not sure if anyone else has spotted this, but it's pretty obvious to us that getting hold of your sister's mobile and firing off a quick text is quite substantially simpler than surreptitiously sneaking onto her open Facebook account and footling about with it.

Imagine the damage you could do to her reputation given free access to her Facebook account on your own computer!

We reckon Facebook has dropped a massive clanger with this one, and anticipate a massive public backlash once people start abusing the facility, which they undoubtedly will.