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Google Backing $5 Billion Offshore Wind Power Project

Google has vowed to back a $5 billion project to develop wind energy farms along the East Coast of America.

The investment plans come after the company acquired a 37.5 per cent stake in Atlantic Wind Connection. However, Google refused to comment on the amount for which it acquired the stake, but Atlantic Wind Connection claims that the round of funding only generated tens of millions of dollars.

The wind energy project will involve laying down a 350-mile long underwater electric cable, which will allow offshore wind energy farms to connect their turbines with the electric grid in order to offer their services to multiple customers.

The main aim behind the project is to lay the foundation of the wind energy based renewable energy source, that would not only contribute towards a cleaner environment but also create jobs.

Rick Needham, Google's green business operations director, said during a new conference in Washington: “This will serve as a clean-energy superhighway, with on-ramps for wind farms and the ability to be intelligently expanded.”