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HTC And Samsung Growth Fuelled By Android

Smartphone makers have benefited from using Google's Android mobile phone OS on their handsets as those which did saw the most growth in sales during the second quarter.

According to data released by mobile research firm Isuppli, HTC and Samsung both have seen exceptional growth from their Android based smartphones in the second quarter.

The firm informed that HTC had seen a 63.1 per cent increase in smartphone shipments from the first quarter. Meanwhile, Samsung's Galaxy S smartphone shipments were up by 55.6 per cent when compared to the first quarter.

Tina Teng, a senior analyst with Isuppli, said in a statement to The Inquirer: “From the spectacular growth of HTC and Samsung, to the steady advances of Motorola, Android is the secret sauce for smart phone growth for many companies in 2010.”

Isuppli also revealed that ailing Finnish mobile giant Nokia maintained its market share, increasing its 38.5 per cent of the market from the first quarter to 39.7 per cent.